cat-faced spider
a cat-faced spider (Araneus gemmoides) - of 'red hairy knees' fame - laying eggs in October

the spiderlings emerging the next May

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IMG01063 8x12.jpg

almost finished laying eggs

IMG01066 8x12.jpg

covering eggs with colored silk

IMG01075 8x12.jpg

almost done

IMG01082 8x12.jpg

time for a rest

IMG01138 big email.jpg

a few days later - well camouflaged


the eggs are just starting to hatch

IMG1299 zoomed in.png

zoomed in; showing the round yellow abdomen, glass-like legs and head, and darker eyes


next day the young spiders mass together as they leave the 'nest'


2 days later, still moving out together; they will soon spin strands of silk and drift away on the breeze


first web - note the blue iridescence and several captured cat hairs - the 'bar' at the top is about 1/8" in diameter


first meal - the spider and the fly are not much bigger than pin heads; the scattered white specks are dust motes caught on the web - the web itself is about 5 inches across


zoomed in on previous image